Supporting those personally touched by the Opioid epidemic and creating community dialogue about stigma and the costs of the ongoing crisis. An interactive art and storytelling project founded and facilitated by Boston-based artist Nancy Marks and physician and Health Story Collaborative founder Annie Brewster.

Our Team

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Project goals

  • Increasing public awareness about substance use disorder and addiction

  • Decreasing stigma by fostering and creating space for community dialogue

  • Contributing to policy change to increase access to mental health services and substance use treatment

Supporting those who those in recovery, first responders, caregivers, and those grieving the death of a loved one by providing space for story sharing and creative expression.

How we work

In collaboration with local partners, we run workshops and community-based art exhibitions featuring paired art and audio stories, honoring, contextualizing and bringing to life the human costs of the opioid epidemic. (Please see Project Overview for more details.)

Partner with us to bring The Opioid Project to your community!

Contact: abrewster@healthstorycollaborative.org and/or nancymarks31@gmail.com