Harnessing The Healing Power of Stories


Mission Statement
The mission of Health Story Collaborative is to keep the patient voice alive in healthcare and to harness the healing power of stories. By collecting, honoring and sharing stories of illness and healing, we strive to make the process of navigating illness less isolating and to empower individuals and families facing health challenges. Our belief, supported by research, is that storytelling is healing for both story sharers and listeners. Stories have the power to transform individuals as well as the healthcare system. Listen to Stories
We harness the healing power of stories.
Dr. Anne Brewster, MD Executive Director & Founder Harvard trained physician working at an academic medical center in Boston, Massachusetts. She is also a patient. 
Click here to read her story... We define “illness” as any imbalance in physical, psychological, or spiritual wellbeing, and “healing” as the process of moving toward balance and wholeness. We believe in the value of these stories as a celebration of hope, human resiliency and dignity.


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