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Community Voices: Connecting Through Our Stories


Our Community Voices program celebrates human resiliency in its myriad forms with the intention to decrease the isolation of illness. By providing caregivers and individuals grappling with health issues a platform from which to use their voices, we aim to inspire connection and reflection through the powerful practice of sharing stories. While everyone’s experience of illness and healing is unique, we can learn from and often identify with the experiences of others.


This program features a number of ongoing series, including: On the Road to Recovered: Voices from the Eating Disorder Recovery Community, College Voices: Reflections on Health and Illness from Campuses Nationwide, and Brave New Normal: Keeping Conversations Vital In Healthcare, as well as periodic collections of stories from patients with a featured medical condition.


If you are interested in participating in any of the series in the Community Voices program, please contact us: abrewster@healthstorycollaborative.org.




Diagnosis Spotlight

Eating Disorder Recovery

College Voices

Brave New Normal:

Keeping Conversations

Vital in Healthcare

Medical Student Voices


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