College Voices

Reflections on Health and Illness from Campuses Nationwide

The college years are ones filled with self-reflection, exposure to the real world, and meaning-making. As students evolve into their adulthood, they grapple with some of the greatest questions of life: Why are we here? What is my purpose?

The voices featured in Health Story Collaborative's "College Voices" spotlight come from college students who are asking these questions in the context of medicine, health, and illness. Some are embarking on the path to becoming a doctor, others have been touched personally by health challenges. All are courageously confronting the reality that our time here is limited, and that the human body and spirit are simultaneously fragile and extraordinary.

This collection of diverse stories from campuses across the nation offers a glimpse into the minds of the next generation of leaders, and inspiration from a cohort of young adults committed to exploring wellness and mortality.