On the Road to Recovered: Megan's Story

Megan, a 23-year-old New Jersey native currently residing in California and pursuing a master’s degree in global public health, arrived at Monte Nido Vista on June 5, 2014. This interview took place in June 2015 during the week of her one-year anniversary.

Once consumed with restriction and compulsive over-exercising, Megan admits that currently she struggles with orthorexia, a condition where one obsesses about eating “healthy” foods. But she has moved past her former life of dissatisfaction with herself, by stepping out of life and into treatment, where she did major self-assessment. She found her “Soul Self” – also referred to as “Healthy Self” at Monte Nido.

Megan speaks about the imperative of connecting with people, especially those who are in recovery or have recovered. She reflects on the impact both her eating disorder and her recovery have had on her family. And finally, she shares the tools, motivations, and goals that help her stick with recovery.