Harnessing The Healing Power of Stories


Our Audio Stories program involves a facilitated conversation between a Health Story Collaborative team member and a person navigating illness or facing a health challenge.


These conversations are recorded and last approximately one hour. We then edit the content to create a first-person narrative involving only the story sharer (listen to examples below).


Our goal is to work with participants to create a piece that feels authentic, meaningful and ultimately healing.


If you or someone you know might be interested in sharing, please contact us at: abrewster@healthstorycollaborative.org. We will then set up a short phone screening to see if seems like a good fit.

Chris Davie: Living and Dying with Intention



Read more about Chris's story here.            

Chris - Sidewalk Lessons



Read more about Chris's story here.



Sandy: My Breast Cancer: Reflections Sixteen Years After Diagnosis


Read more about Sandy's story here.

The Reverberations of Rape: Orna's Story


Read more about Orna's story here

Daniel: Healing From Sexual Abuse By A Teacher

Read more about Daniel's story here

Colleen and Kiara: Living Consciously While Facing Death





Read more about Colleen and Kiara's story and find resources here




The Conversation Project



Finding Mental Health: One Woman's Story Of "Recovering From Psychiatry"


Read more about Laura Delano's story and find resources here.

Life in Stage 4: Terminal Pancreatic Cancer



Read more about Gretchen's story and find resources here.

The Face Of Opioid Addiction



Read more about Vinnie's story and find resources here.

Voices from the Eating Disorder Recovery Community: Megan's Story



Read more about Megan's story here.

Discover our Diagnosis Spotlight: Eating Disorder Recovery series here.  

Voices from the Eating Disorder Recovery Community: Anna's Story

Read more about Anna's story here.

Discover our Diagnosis Spotlight: Eating Disorder Recovery here.  


Jen: Depression and Meaning Making

Read more about Jen’s story and find resources here

Living Life, Facing Death: Navigating Acute Myeloid Leukemia



Read more about Paul's story and find resources here

Evelyn: An Artist's Response to Growing Up With Congenital Scoliosis



Read more about Evelyn's story and view the painting discussed in this audio here 

Sue: Living with and learning from a potentially fatal, chronic disease

Read more about Sue’s story and find resources here

Charlie: Fighting for Life After West Nile Virus

Read more about Charlie’s story and find resources here

Kate - Mothering a Child with a Relentless Disease

Read more about Kate’s story and find resources here

Zachary - A Transgender Teen Tells His Story of Navigating Gender Dysphoria

Read more about Zachary’s story and find resources here

Eileen - Chris’ mother offers her perspective

Read more about Eileen’s story and find resources here

Karin - Surviving domestic violence

Read more about Karin’s story and find resources here

Sara - Losing a loved one to suicide

Read more about Sara’s story and find resources here

Lyzz - Living with an eating disorder

Read more about Lyzz’s story and find resources here

Loie - Surviving pancreatic cancer

Read more about Loie’s story and find resources here


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